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Help businesses decrease their overall energy consumption, increase the bottom line and improve reliability and efficiency.


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Renewable Energy Design, LLC ("REDI") is located in the Northeastern USA , Puerto Rico and Spain as a supplier of energy efficiency solutions.  We are an integrator of energy saving equipment, power generation technologies fueled by renewable fuels.  REDI has been providing turnkey solutions since 2012 which includes state-of-the-art technologies in lighting, solar, wind and combined heat and power ("CHP") systems.  Our technical and project management skills have been honed over decades of business development and project management in technology markets.  In addition, our clients benefit from our comprehensive relationships and affiliations cultivated by the REDI management team throughout the energy industry which supports various technologies that REDI deploys. 


Our team's capability to develop and commission large scale solar energy generation systems ranging in size from 0.3 - 50 MW allows REDI to generate low cost power for grid or commercial & industrial users.   The renewable and clean energy markets have taken hold and REDI has products to serve the commercial markets. 


We are different than other CHP offerings because:

- We offer turn-key Power Purchasing Agreement solutions that reduce Utility bills and OpEx costs without incurring capital  expenditures.

* We also offer Leasing and CapEx sale to buy systems.

- We have strong relationships to provide lower cost fuel in deregulated markets that would not otherwise be accessible by the local supplier.

- We have engineering expertise and experience in energy audits.

- We offer a full suite of solutions which include generation systems, wind, solar generation, water cost savings, LED lighting and retrofits.

- We manage the project from initial development phase, working with the client’s staff through design and installation through commercial 


- We provide ongoing long-term maintenance including spare parts and remote monitoring.

- We are technology agnostic; we use technology and equipment that makes the most sense for the application.



The CHP technology REDI deploys utilizes various fuels such as natural gas, liquefied natural gas, propane, hydrogen and bio fuels.  This flexible fuel input combined with an all-encompassing CHP unit (0.3 to 80 MW+) provides for maximum flexibility based on the client’s needs and site constraints.  Using on site and distributed grid formats places the power where the host needs it.  The systems provide on-site energy and system steam/heat and cooling under long term (10+ years) Agreement.  There are no capital outlays (NO CAPEX) as costs are amortized over duration of the Agreement and the client only sees an overall reduction in operating (OPEX) expenses.  This provides the client with a consistent supply and cost of electricity and heat/cooling which provides insulation from price volatility.  These systems are extremely reliable with capacity factors north of 96% which offers the client peace of mind when they have a critical process that needs to be kept in constant operation.


REDI is providing the latest lighting technology for interior and exterior lighting retrofits.  REDI offers best in class technology that can save on utility costs ranging from 30% to 80% or more from conventional lighting sources.  In addition, these solutions have a life expectancy of 10 plus years (50,000 to 100,000 hours) so there are virtually no maintenance costs when compared to metal halide and mercury vapor fixtures.



Talk to a REDI representative today... we have a solution for your needs.   REDI can also assist as consultants and/or project managers for your energy needs.



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