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              Howard Hager

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • United States / Boston
  • Founder of REDI in 2012
  • Founder CEO – World Services, Inc. (Formerly AT&T of Puerto Rico)
  • Founder of 4 start-up ventures and was CEO
  • Howard has over 38 years of experience in the telecommunications infrastructure sector, in addition he developed new Microwave and digital systems and products.  His career has a background in new venture start-up and business development.
    • Portfolio Development & Management.
    • History of Project Management.
    • Worked on the engineering side with new digital and microwave technology for major Satcom and Government communiations systems developing control and monitoring systems, digital EIRP power measurement systems, developed for FEMA the first digital multiplexer for sat com multi channel links. developed the first store and forward technology as well as created new voice technology DSP based voice systems.
    • Experianced in capital raising
    • Background in field operations and maintenance at sat com earth stations for NASA.
    • Worked in an Asset Management positon.
  • He founded REDI in 2012 to solve a growing market need for reliable, efficient and cost effective combined heat and power solutions for industrial and commercial customers as well as energy/cost saving solutions for the commercial market.


                 Mike Browner

  • V.P. of Sales
  • United States / Boston
  • Primary focus of originating project pipeline and customer base
  • Oversee the sales channel and development of marketing materials for prospective customers
  • Oversees sales force and training processes
  • Mike has managed teams in smaller consulting firms, large public companies and the United States Navy
  • 23 years at Raytheon Aerospace Company focused on process implementation, cost reduction initiatives, bid proposal compilations and development of staff recruitment and training programs
  • 4 years of United States Navy Service and was awarded the Bronze Star.


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