Energy Generation and CHP Systems

REDI offers reciprocating engine (piston type) and jet turbine engines for the 12 kWh and higher systems which are widely deployed around the globe.   These units are remotely monitored and controlled.  They can run on a variety of fuels such as propane, natural gas and hydrogen.   These systems are currently used in harsh environments over the globe and run 24 hours a day.    We can offer hot water/steam, air conditioning cooling at 40 degrees F and we can provide -5 degrees F cooling for freezer applications.


The 1 MW systems and up are a compact, fully containerized generating system designed for maximum ease of integration utilizing a wide range of fuel applications.  The system uses a proven prime mover with specifically modified components for alternative fuel operation (including a special fuel system specifically designed for alternative fuels).   Its basic components include an industry proven generator, auxiliary systems with state of the art control and monitoring system.   The unique combination of hardware in the 1MW and up systems results in a generating system providing high reliability and availability along with excellent heat recovery performance at a cost that is competitive with utility scale generation. 


The systems we offer can be as small as 10 kWh and go up to 15 mw which fit most generation applications. They also can have additional heating and cooling systems to enhance performance and efficiency.   When compared to solar, the $/kWh prices are similar, but you do not need the vast amount of land required for a utility scale solar deployment.  These systems can be stand-alone inside or outside.  For outside applications, they are on a set on a concrete pad or in a  self-contained package and completely turnkey.


With the addition of a heat exchanger, as shown here, you can capture the exhaust heat to use as a pre-heater for steam and hot water.   This saves thousands of dollars a month in pre-heating fuel costs.  If the industrial process requires cooling for water towers or even freezing capability, this heat will enter an absorption (non-ammonia) chiller to make cooling or freezing temperatures.


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We have exclusive agreements with CHP manufacturers for Worldwide installation.  As a team we provide the local talent with manufacturing partners to get systems installed.   We will monitor the systems remotely, provide service, spare parts and ongoing support for the equipment.  


There are easy NON CAP EX options available to our customers.  This option is  an Energy Services Agreement (ESA), where a system is provided onsite and REDI will maintain its operation under a factory direct service agreement.   



from 12kw to 1 MW


Smaller generation systems shown above can run from 10 kW to the 1 MW size and are packaged stand alone for indoor or outside installation.  We have licensed electrical and where used plumbing sub contractors for installation.


  • The Sevices we provide for CHP:
  • Complete Turnkey installation of CHP systems
  • Energy audits
  • Preliminary and final engineering
  • Site planning
  • Have key relationships with technology manufacturing partners
  • Installation oversight and commissioning support
  • Operations and maintenance long term service


We can supply the fuel tank storage system for LNG and LPG as well as fossil fuel based products.

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