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Renewable Energy Design, Inc., brings the latest technology in energy saving lighting to clients.  Product offerings Solar powered LED lights and LED lighting of all sizes and shapes.  Affiliates include manufacturers around the globe.





Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) technology as a replacement for traditional linear fluorescent bulbs represents a rare convergence of technology and market need.  LED technology has technology matured due to high efficency, small size, intsant turn on, dimming capability, durablity and form-fit-aand- function of present lighting sizes and shapes for indoor and outdoor uses.   This, coupled with substantial rebates available from many State energy programs that makes a financially compelling argument as LEDs are now critical to the economic stability of all United States businesses and can return untold millions.  We offer several lines of LED products, one of which is the LED direct replacement for fluorescent tubular linear lights.  These are what we call Plug and Play. Tha is they simply snap into the fixture justreplacing the old bulb.  No wiring and less heat for teh old ballast so it will have more life.  These lights, we offer, have a 5 year warranty but the bulbs life is ten years.  That means no replacing bulbs every year.  Come back in ten years and replace them.  The savings here in labor as well as the utility bill reduction can be significant savings.  Plus no rewiring means no expensive electrician and you do not need to turn the fixture off when replacing the old bulb to the new LED one. 
For warehouse situations we have a large array of warehouse lights that can also be used in Gyms, skating rinks, horse facilities and auditoriums.   These all save from 50 to 90 percent of the energy cost you now pay.
Solar Powered Lights We have solar powered lights from 4 w to 150 w.  These have various features such as sensors for day and night, intruders, timers, remote control programming and can  have a variety of application uses.  They can replace pole mounted lights and wall packs.  These lights will turn on at night and stay till the sun comes up.  With capacity to store energy for several days, a string of rainy days will not stop them from operation.   Using them as parking lot or street lamps is ideal as they need no witing brought to them. They save 100% from the grid because they are not grid connected.  With a 5 year warranty they need no bulb replacement or service for years.
There are many LED manufacturers with varying claims and companies that sell them that come and go.  With that in mind it is important that you have the proper guidence in decision making to make a descision that will mean the difference between under performing and possible expensive failure.  We at REDI have the knowledge to assit in that guidence function by providing the best solutions for your site.


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