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Article on Puerto Rico Power Authority entitled

"Puerto Rico's Indebted Power Utility adds to Island's Problems"

By Michael Corkery  July 1, 2014 - New York Times


CHP Generation ( Heat and Power generation Systems) - Fierce Energy Magazine


Tapping EV Potential (Electric cars and buses are the future)- Fierce Energy Magazine


Metrowest News Holliston school auditorium Lighting - Metrowest News -Bright Idea






Renewable Energy Design as developer has delivered a 800kw containerized redundant CHP system for a company that freezes fruit and other products.  The CHP provides power and heat for the freezing proces.  This provides a savings to the company of about $1 million a year.  As Developer we provided a EPC and equipment vendor to install the system and found the funding for the project.


Renewable Energy Design as a developer sold its interests for an undeslosed amount to a US company who installed one of the two sites in Puerto Rico.  The first site is 6 MW of CHP power and the second is about the same but has an additional 2 MW back up power.   The first is in operation for a major Puerto Rico and National comapny and provides power and operational heat used in the companies processes.  The second has started construction for the same company and will also provide power and heat.  Both are selling power to the client under multi year power (ESA) contracts.  Renewable Energy Design developed the project and did the initial designs, received contracts and found for the funding for the project.  


Renewable Energy Design as a developer of solar projects has started installation of about 2 Mw in Puerto Rico.  It is expected to be on line in 2021.  The client is a major national company and will tie into the already mentioned above CHP system for peak daytime power.


Renewable Energy Design provided LED lighting for a large Phoenix Arizona church group.  The plug and play lights are saving 1/2 of thier lighting costs annually.

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